New 2016 Downloads

Areacomp 2016 User Guide PDF file

This download is a PDF file showing you all you need to know about Areacomp 2016.    It includes a ten step 5 minute method to get you from Plan to Printout.

     Download Areacomp 2016 User Guide PDF file       (6.5MB)

Older Downloads

Areacomp Google Earth Downloads

This download contains several Google Earth .KML files.
You will need Google Earth installed (see below) on your PC to look at these files.
When clicked on, these files will start up Google Earth and draw some Areacomp plans.

     Download Areacomp on Google Earth KML files       (10KB)

Areacomp Demonstration Program

This download is an EXE program displaying the main screens used in the Areacomp package.    It will step you through the main features of the Areacomp product.

     Download Areacomp demo file       (3.5MB)

The Google Earth Product

Google Earth is probably the best thing to happen in the world of mapping and cartography since Christopher Columbus sailed west in 1492 or James Cook sailed the Pacific in the 1700's.
The product is free and lets you explore the entire world viewed from above in great detail.
This link will send you to the Google Earth Download page.

     Google Earth Download Page