Some frequently asked questions about our Areacomp software product.

Q1. Is it easy to use ?
Yes we think so .  But what would you expect us to say ?   We have tested the product on people aged 7 to 70 and they can now easily work out the area of a plot of land from a plan.   So there is no reason you couldn't do the same.

Data is entered at the main screen and the plan is drawn as you go.
You can click on the diagram to re-edit previous lines.

Q2. Does it work on Windows 10 ?
Yes is does.   It also works on Windows 8,  Windows 7, Vista and way back to XP.

Q3. Does it work with those   S 34 24 ' 36 " E   bearings ?
Yes.   They are called quadrant bearings and you enter them exactly as you see them straight from your plan.   Just select the "Quadrant Bearings" option when starting diagram.

Q4. What about curves ?
No problem.   Just enter the length, radius and bearing.
If you want the curve to bend the other way then just click the correction button.

Q5. Does it print ?
Yes of course.
You can preview then print your report to your Windows printer.
For larger prints set your printer to A3 and Areacomp will scale itself to fit the page.

Q6. My Plan has angles at the corners
No problem.   Just select the "Corner Angles" option when starting diagram.

Q7. What distance units does it use ?
All sorts.   Metres, feet and inches, feet, links.   Make your selection when starting diagram

Q8. My house plan has no bearings. Can I still draw it ?
Yes.   House plans are typically rectangular so you can enter the bearings as N S E W or   0   90   180   270