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Areacomp®  by AJM Software.  September 2016

The simplest way to quickly work out any area.

Land area calculation software. Used for all types of area computations.

Used for title plans, building plans, road and subdivision plans.
Also plots farms, mining-leases, your own sketches or any design plan.

 Areacomp® 2016 Single User

 Licence Price $545


Here's what it can do.

  • Does all the tricky maths, conversions and calculations for you.
  • Takes your measurements in metres feet inches and links.
Areacomp disk
  • Handles curved lines without any drama.
  • Draws the plan for you as you go so you can quickly spot any corrections.
  • Gives you the area in acres, hectares, square feet, square metres, square kilometres, square miles and more.
  • Produces a scaled plotted diagram with optional grid, dimensions, and bearings display.
  • Takes only 5 minutes to enter your data and print the plan.
  • Draws your plan onto Google Maps and Google Earth at the click of a button.
  • Its just that easy.   Just look at our Products page